Don't Waste the Sandy River

Sandy City Council is planning to pipe sewage waste water into the Sandy River

Sandy is one of the fastest-growing cities in Oregon. Increasing population means increasing sewage to process. Once this pipe is in, there is no turning back. It will be impossible to limit wastewater dumping into the Sandy.

Why is this important?

Habitat Changes

The average optimal temperature for salmonid spawning is 50° F. Fish stress occurs at greater than 60° F. But the wastewater temperature is between 59°-73° F.

Environmental Risks

The bio-membrane at the planned satellite treatment plant will not remove pharmaceuticals, pesticides,  nitrates or nanoparticles of plastics.

Human Impacts

The constructed wetlands planned at the former Roslyn Lake property may affect wells in the neighborhood and could cause local flooding if too much water is discharged.

Maintenance Requirements

Both the new satellite plant and the constructed wetlands will require high levels of oversight and maintenance, but City of Sandy has a very poor record of maintaining their sewer system. In fact, all or most of the “leaky” sewer pipes in Sandy should be fixed before building an expensive satellite treatment plant.

What can I do?

Spread the word about the project

Let your friends and neighbors who care about the Sandy river know about the city's plans and the impacts of dumping wastewater into a pristine natural habitat.

Write a letter to Sandy City Council

The more voices asking the city council to come up with an alternate plan, the better chance we have of success.

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Community Support

The following organizations have written letters to the City of Sandy asking for an alternate plan:

Bull Run Community Planning Organization, Clackamas River Basin Council, Native Fish Society, Trout Unlimited, and the Sandy River Watershed Council (in both 2019 and 2021)

Learn more about the project from the City of Sandy

Sandy City Hall

39250 Pioneer Boulevard Sandy, OR 97055.

Phone: (503) 668-5533 Fax: (503) 668-8714

Don't Waste the Sandy River

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